Evening ride up conwy mountain

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Went for one up some of the semi-local hills tonight, beautiful weather. Not done this one in a while though so i got a little lost!






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    where do you start for this? when I used to work in Llandudno and Conwy I always thought there had to be some good riding but never got the chance to explore
  • ilovedirt
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    Just in the council office car park. There's a shit ton of footpaths that go up from there, easiest way is up "mountain road" from the houses accross the main road from the car park (i often just park outside someone's house). Mountain road just takes you up a fire road and from there you can get to the top of conwy mountain, and there's loads more trails further down the conwy valley. Check out google maps, you'll see where i mean.
    Lots of people also park up Sychnant Pass. I cross over this point on my ride, but parking there means you have a big long climb at the end of your ride if you want to do the proper conwy mountain descent, which is really good.

    Though there are so many trails up there, you really need someone to show you where they are - but you can't go wrong if you ride up mountain road to the top of conwy mountain by the hill fort and just ride straight down on the footpath into conwy - takes you back out on the bottom of mountain road, but much more fun than the fire road.

    Hope that helps :)
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    Jealous. Looks good up there fella.

    Bloody miss it!