Cube Peloton vs Agree - please help

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Hello All, first things first, I'm new to this so "Hi" to you all. Now down to business, I'm in the market for a new road bike having learned my trade on a now rather leggy Scott S50 FB. I am a big fan of Cube, my Cube mountain bike is a wonderful bit of kit and has never let me down. I am looking at a Peloton Pro (£880) or a Agree GTC Race (£1600) whilst a huge price difference both are within budget but I am reluctant to spend the extra if I don't see any real advantage. My rides are predominantly short to mid range (between 60 and 100 miles) sportive charity events and the odd monster challenge just for the hell of it! (though I am starting to dip my toes into the world of triathlon) Spec wise the agree is full Ultegra vs a 105/tiagra mix but mainly it's the carbon vs aluminium issue that bumps the price? Does anyone have any experience of these bikes? Comments on the carbon frame that Cube use? (I've heard a lot of talk about "budget" carbon frames being a bit rubbish - does the agree fall into this category? I will be test riding both this weekend but I'd like more knowledge before I ride.
Any and all advice will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    I've a heavily upgraded Cube Ltd and have ridden mtb's for decades, it's a great fun bike to ride. Bought a GTC Race at the back end of last summer to keep fit over winter, had never been that keen on the road but the trails around here are pretty rank in the worst of the wet. I've not been on the mtb since last October and have done hundreds more miles than I would have done otherwise, just really enjoy riding it, big surprise. Can't help re comparison to a Peleton but I've ridden decent Alu road bikes in the past and never felt the urge to get out on them in anything like the same way.
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    I own a few Cube bikes and have ridden a few road bikes made by them. There are well built but nothing special. The litening is a good bike but its at a premium and further down the range they are pretty much mediocre and better deals can be found elsewhere tbh. Their main line is really in MTB and I don't see thst changing much soon
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    Cube Agree GTC Race for £1600, is that new model? If not you are paying way too much. JE James have them for £1100 for the 2013 model. ... 73537.html

    Although the Canyon I have just bought is much better, the Cube GTC Race (which I still have) is a very good bike.
  • Hi All, thanks for the replies. Yes, it is a 2014 model I'm looking at. I'm looking forward to riding them but certainly now thinking more Alu than carbon and then go for a bigger spend in a couple of years and demote the cube to winter trainer.