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2014 CERVELO S3 V R3

haveitmysonhaveitmyson Posts: 38
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Hi all, anyone help out here.... I am due a new bike and really love the new S3 and R3 from cervelo. I can't make my mind up. I typically ride 35 - 55 miles rides 3 times a week. typically a 35 miler will be about 2300 feet of climbing average speeds 19.5 - 20 mph. I am not shy on the hills but down here in the test valley hampshire isn't exactly mountainous more short sharp 5 - 8 minute affairs so a slightly heavier bike (S3) over (R3) may be ok..... am thinking that it could be a nice one bike do all option if i do some tt,s. Also do a few 80 - 100 sportives. I do go out to the alps every year too. Its a tricky one as the S3 looks very nice! So any feedback from cervelo owners that have these bikes would be great. I have a good set of shamal ultra wheels already that i love. size advice would be good. 6.1 currently ride a scott cr1 58 that in truth i feel a bit stretched on (110 stem) the drop is fine. was almost thinking of trying 56? hit me with the advice please!


  • Sir VeloSir Velo Posts: 143
    Loads of threads on this question, particularly if you pop over to the Cervelo forum.

    From personal experience (actually have the older style S3 but have ridden friends new S3), the biggest difference I find is that my R3 seems to get up to speed quicker but the S3 holds the speed better. So are you looking for fast out of bends jump on the back of other wheels or long solo efforts?

    But having said the above it is marginal and I only really notice when I am the guy at the club struggling with the pace, as long as I have couple just a bit slower both are great bikes to ride.

    If you get the S3 then I think you have to fit with deeper rims to not only maximise the benefit but they look so much better. I like the smooth lines of the internal cabling on the S3 but equally I find the R3 simply pleasant to look at with the very thin stays.

    Despite what some say about the comfort I find that it is the wheels, tyres, tubes that make or break a ride for comfort. But the frame has to fit!!

    I don't think I could honestly say which of mine is the favourite, but I have now spec'd them up to be quite different. The S3 now has Rotor Q rings, Zipp 404s (or some deeper tubs) and D/A; whereas the R3SL is a weight weenie with Zipp 303s tubs, SRAM Red and Zipp handlebars/stem/bottle gages etc.

    But I suppose if it really came down to it then the S3. But ask me the same question tomorrow and it will probably be the R3, which it will be tonight for the club ride.

  • I recently picked up a 2014 S3, and did consider the R3, what did it for me, and I know it's shallow, but the S3 looks fast, even when standing still...even if I'm not. Currently running Shamal Ultras too, a great wheel and they certainly don't hold the bike bike when it comes to riding at pace. On Sunday I did 160 miles on it, very comfortable, Liege in less than 2 weeks and it is my bike of choice.

    I am 6'1" and ride a 58cm...before I forget, I ditched the Mavic tyres that came with it after one ride, utter rubbish.
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