anyone got a look 675 i need some help!

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i have a look 675 and it has developed 2 annoying noises. one is almost like a buzzing noise going over rough ground. one of those ones that sounds like something is coming loose, and can be emulated when i bounce the bike. only at the front though and took the wheel off and bounced that and its not that. is it possible it could be the internal routing?

also another kind of rattle that occurs from the back, but noticed today its only when im in select gears at the back, but its doing my head in. any ideas?


  • proto
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    has it got internal cabling?
  • yes it has.
  • Matty.W
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    Hello mate, I've got a LOOK 675. I've noticed a buzz which I put down to the internal cable routing, however mine also has a really annoying metallic rattle sound coming from the front end. At 1st I thought it was a loose headset, but now have no idea.

    Did you sort your problem out?
  • ashleydwsmith
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    No, haven't got that metallic thingy, although I have had a really annoying rub on the left side which I cannot fathom
  • Matty.W
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    Rub on the non-drive side?

    I'm pretty sure the buzz sound is the cables, seems quite a common thing with internal routing.
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    What make shifters are on it?

    I had a noise from a front shifter that I couldn't pinpoint for ages, eventually found it was from the front left shifter and a single drop of oil on a pivot point cured it
  • Matty.W
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    Not wishing to hijack this thread, but my shifters are Ultegra 6700. I've heard they rattle, but with a metallic sound?

    Where did you oil?

  • Matty.W
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    Any joy Ashley?

    Mine has been sorted. Apparently LOOK have had a few issues with their headsets. A new one was fitted which (appears to have) sorted the issue. If you still have problems and are near South London, I can highly recommend Panagua Bikes.

  • Did they fit free of charge?

    Turns out the noise I was getting from the back end was the cassette or chain! I changed for an 11-28 from an 11-25 and no problems at all! Bizarre.
    Put some oil on the shifters, and still get that metallic noise every now and then
  • Matty.W
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    No, but admittedly I bought the bike from them. My understanding tho is that there's a 6 year warranty? If there is a known problem with the headset then I reckon its worth checking out?
  • Yeah think I will! Cheers for that