Android app that's a great substitute for a Garmin GPS ?

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Hi guys, since I've got an android smartphone, and a bike mount, I was thinking of placing it on my road bike for the sunny days (I'm not going to use it under the rain of course) but I don't know which app to install.
I'll try to be more specific as possible.
Are you aware of the latest Garmin Touring Plus GPS ? ... 43677.html

Well, the thing I like about that device is that you can plan a road bike route, while sitting on your bike, in traffic, without using a computer, just by turning on the garmin gps and selecting the length of the route.
So, lets say that today I'm in a bit of a rush and I only want to do 15 miles, I'll insert that data into the garmin gps and in about a couple of seconds I'll get all the possible routes, that are suited for a road bike (so no off road), that the total length is approx 15 miles, that start from where I'm standing and end where I'm standing.
I can then select the route I prefer on the basis of the total length, the elevation, and the roads.
That's the only feature I'd like my android app to have, I don't want an app that does everything, but only that specific thing, because I could really use the feature of creating new routes without any hassle, I'm getting quite tired of the same routes, I could use new ones.

P.S.: actually the garmin has another feature, if you don't ride a road bike but a mountain bike, or if you are into bicycle touring, you get routes that are specific for your activity, so, while on a road bike I'll get only road routes, on a mountain bike I'll get a bit of off road as well, actually I don't know what I'll get with bicycle touring, I guess maybe some relevant cultural spots.


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    I've put Navfree on my android phone and it works fine as a satnav, but it does not have opencyclemaps, which are only available if you have an internet connection. for road riding it is perfectly ok so long as you can get a gps signal , or a phone signal if you use the phone function.
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  • I think that's a great question. That particular functionality of the edge touring model does seem quite attractive, and surely there must be apps out there that can do the same thing?
    I had a quick look around and found this one: ... neyplanner

    It seems capable of producing a random loop based on a preset time or distance, but it leaves a lot to be desired. Still, it's a starting point.

    Anyone know any others?

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    I use AlpineQuest on my Android phone. There is a limited "light" version and a full one that cost me about £8 or £9.
    It uses the Open Street maps but can also use the OSGB 1:50K and 1:25K maps.
    However reading the OP again I don't think it has the functionality you want.
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    I use MotionX GPS for IOS, I suspect it's available for Android also. It doesn't do turn by turn but you can generally do without that whilst cycling.