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New rear wheel options.

mudsuckermudsucker Posts: 730
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The rear Shimano hub on my 2008 Stumpjumper FSR Comp has very worn cups and cones so I am in need of a new wheel. The rim is a DT Swiss X420 which is the standard wheel. 26" wheels.

I caved in the standard front a while ago in a spectacular OTB incident at Cannock so I bought a DT Swiss EX500 rim on a Hope Pro 2 hub ( Hope Hoops build) which I'm very happy with. Might be a bit heavy but I know I can trust it! I know this wheel is now not available so what would be a good modern day equivalent or maybe something lighter but just as strong? I would prefer a cartridge bearing hub if possible.

FYI I weight 11st 11lbs and ride The Surrey Hills, Peak District, Coed Y Brennin and all being well Morzine this year. I am a fairly aggressive rider and do like my wheels to leave the ground every now and then.

Budget wise I would be happy spending around £200.

Thanks and any advise would be greatly appreciated!

Ben :-)

Edit: Just had a though, I guess if I have a Hope hub I will need an alloy spider cassette. Is this correct?
Bikes are OK, I guess... :-)

2008 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp.
2013 Trek 1.2
1982 Holdsworth Elan.


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