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Vtech vs everyone Vs Vtech

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I will not take sides but having read so much as per the title, it must stop now.

If you don't like someone put them on your foe list and you won't see their posts, but please lets not pollute every post with who loves who and who hates who.

It's been a hard week, I want to get out on my bike before the pish up on Sunday watching Roubaix and enjoy some pleasant hours when it ain't raining (please let it rain from Paris to Roubaix on Sunday :twisted: ), so at least I don't have to read every post.

Ta Muchly


  • VelonutterVelonutter Posts: 2,437 Lives Here
    Gentlemen I have deleted everything with regards to the latest Vtech slagging on the kicking off thread, you know I am not biased but I now have to say that it has been suggested if this continues that the locking and barring wands come out, please I really don't want this to happen but I cannot justify not doing it if I am told to.

    Please take this as a final warning, use the flag button if something is in appropriate, put Vtech on your foe list so that you don't see his posts, but this is the very final warning and bans will be permanent.

    Thanks for heeding this advice.
  • VelonutterVelonutter Posts: 2,437 Lives Here
    This is my very final warning, I sent this to a number of people but figured it better to copy it on here, please don't push me any further on this matter: -

    Everyone has had there little bit of fun now, it stops from this minute, you have all had you say and I am not covering up anything, I've edited your post Vtech so it isn't winding up.

    Please pass the word that this is the very final PM I'm sending, I've not picked on you 4, just can't be bothered to look everyone up, I've just got back from a ride and faced this shite again, enough!

    Forward this email to any who you think need to see it, the next person that posts a comment out of place will receive a permanent ban and it won't be retracted.

    If I need to ban a merry dozen people in order to get the forum back on track then I will do.

    So please go and post some interesting women for me to view in the big girls thread or make me laugh, but please don't wind me up any more.

    I've said my bit and that is it.



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