The really helpful bloke from Sigmasport

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Been away for a long time. There was a really helpful staff member from Sigmasport who was very knowledgable on Ti audax frames. From memory he had his own Van Nic. Who is he and does he still work for Sigma sport.



  • flasher
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    There is a guy that worked at Corridori and looking at his profile now works for Enigma. He posts on here and seems very helpful: Paul_Smith SRCC
  • kingstonian
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    There's an older guy at Sigma who seems to be their Ti expert. I got talking to him a couple of months ago about a custom built bike I am having done and he was a wealth of advice. He is their expert on Seven bikes. Expect he is still there but I haven't been in the shop for a couple of months.
  • Sir Velo
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    I find they are all helpful but you are probably thinking of either Mick Silles or Mark Cooper.