Campag Ergo Shifter Ratchet

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Just changing gear and brake cables on my Chorus kit.

Left hand gear lever won't click when pushed, just slides across and the button lever just slides down without ratcheting. I'm pretty sure this happened last time I changed cables but can't remember what the problem, or fix, was.

Anyone shed any light please?


  • Monty Dog
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    Could simply be jammed / gummed-up or be down to worn springs or broken carrier. Try pushing the cable carrier with a screwdriver to see if you can get it moving whilst working the levers. Squirting some WD40/GT85 sometimes helps. If no joy, try searching Youtube or contacting Velotech Services for a diagnosis/more ideas or getting it repaired
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  • rolf_f
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    I had this symptom on a shifter I bought (knowingly) on here. What had happened was that a spigot had broken off inside the shifter body which stopped the ratchet from turning too far. This meant that the pawl was trying to engage the smooth part of the ratchet rather than the toothed part. I think, if you get the cables set up correctly you can stop this from happening (the cable stops effective stop you from shifting onto the smooth part of the ratchet - but you do have to work the ratchet back to the pawl manually) but the proper solution is to get a new shifter body or, as Monty mentions, go to Graeme at Velotech for help. I sent mine to him and got it serviced and repaired for about £35 (well, one repair and both shifters serviced for about £70 irrc - maybe a little more). If yours is the same problem as mine, really Velotech is the only obvious solution.
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  • narbs
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    Thanks both.

    I think it's what Rolf said (i.e. the round bit which is smooth on half and ratcheted on the other half had spun round). Moved it back manually and all seems well. I'm pretty sure this happened when I fitted the levers a couple of years ago as well.

    If it goes horribly wrong I'll drop Graeme a line!