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new cranks

maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
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Ideas please. I currently run Sram Red, older style but the GXP limits BB choice (and colour!) and they creak and I don't really like GXP anyway.

So.... I'm after a change but... I run 34/48 and the latest Shimano are all 34/50 which I don't like (gap too big, 50t is too big etc.) which is a shame as the new DA9000 are just gorgeous, and light. And I can't just fit my 48 ring as it will look silly.

So they need to be:

110 compact
not latest Shimano
not GXP
BSA fit, so not BB30s

The only ones I can't think of are some Rotor 3D, which are solid enough even though they aren't that light and the graphics are a bit dodgy.
The Campag ones are tidy but they run odd rings don't they? And do Campag fit std. (Shimano) BSA BBs?

Any ideas? (and don't say run 34/50...)
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  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Rotor 3D are solid. I run the on a couple bikes. I suppose you could run 46/34 CX rings as if you find 50 too big then 46 should be fine.

    The other option is to run 50/36 an just use a wider cassette (12-30 springs to mind).
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