Carbon Wheels Carbon or alloy braking surface?

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I know the subject has been discussed already but it look like technology change fast and my situation is specific. I'm only riding fixed or single speed bike, for commuting and long distance (between 20 and 200 miles) all year around under every weather with a decent gear for long distance (50X14). I'm in the process of setting up my long distance bike based on a full carbon track bike with a TT fork. I always only ride with a front caliper, no problem at all with that.
Now come the wheels, as it's my first decent all carbon bike, i will got for a 50 or 60mm carbon clincher rim but i have to choice between carbon or alloy braking surface (clincher as i can't see myself changing a tubular tyre under the rain in the middle of the night, clincher is enough of a mess)
I did read many stories of people having carbon clincher wheels going bad under heat from braking and bad braking performance in wet condition.
As i have only one brake (caliper), i need it to be efficient enough to stop me (12 stones, 76kgs). I know carbon wheels with alloy braking surface are heavier but i'm not crazy about the weight.
Now can the new generation of carbon take this kind of constrain or should i go with the alloy braking surface option for safety?

Any thought welcome :wink:


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    If you want to ride in every weather you need an alloy brake track at the front, the rear is of course irrelevant as you don't have a brake there
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  • Thanks for the answer, just ordered with alloy braking surface :wink: