Brake Rub tektro quartz r730

mosamahab Posts: 42
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Got a Carrera Vanquish 07/08 Black one with carbon forks. The bike has long drop tektro quarts r730 brakes.

The rear is perfectly fine with even a few mm of room to move the brake pads up.

The front brake pads are rubbing below the brake surface onto the rim about 2 mm. This has created a slight lip on the bottom edge of the pads as it is going over the brake surface touching the rim wall. It also has scoured the paint off the rim.

Ive tried to move the pads up but the bolts are at their limit already.

Any solutions other than change to a shorter drop calipers ? or am i being too paranoid and this is a non issue.
plus do you reckon better pads with alu shoes with inserts be better as these pads may be flexing under heavy braking pushing onto the rim.

Cant figure this out, its driving me nuts since yesterday.