Mini Shredding

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if this doesn't make your morning, then you are made of stone


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    DCR00 wrote:

    if this doesn't make your morning, then you are made of stone

    M'eh. Granite, specifically.

    ...nah, I'm kidding - that was f**king epic! Some parent get my utmost respect!
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  • rockmonkeysc
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    Not a single flair or front flip. Not even a 360 tuck no hander.

    Wish I could ride like them.
  • Stevo_666
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    It's not good when you see a clip of a 4 year old with better riding skills than you. No wonder it hasn't had many replies in the Crudcatcher :D
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  • Oh Marone
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    I wish I had 10% of their skill. Just imagine how good they could be in a few years time if they are this good already.
  • BigAl
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    That is just great.

    Kids, when they have confidence, can do anything. No fear, no hangs-ups and just look at how loose and relaxed they ride.

    Who needs 29" wheels or suspension, eh?
  • Kowalski675
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    That's great, especially the foam pit. :lol: