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Cannondale caadx ultegra 2014 size

SilvermunderSilvermunder Posts: 5
edited April 2014 in Cyclocross
I ordered a cannondale caadx ultegra 2014 model, size 58, i then after some thinking and asking around changed the order to a size 56.

In the end i made that decision after talking to the store owner/clerk, who himself was 6,2+ and road a cannondale(other model) size 56..

Im 6,1, and have a inseam of 33,5.

I have to buy the bike without trying, due to the fact store/retailer is overseas.

Im asking you guys now, what you think?

i have a little time, a week to change my order once again..

Im really in two minds.

Ive seen some argue go with the smaller, easier to adjust up, than it is down ect.

But actually im caught in between 56 and 58, im actually a 57 put on clean paperdata.

And obviously would hate a "small" bike :D


  • I'm a short-a*se and ordered a 105 version in a 50 from my LBS, based on my Focus being a 50 (I know, I know...). Tried it for size and it was too large, hence I have a 48 on order, for delivery later this month (21st hopefully ;-) ). Don't think they make it any smaller.

    I like small bikes, but this is my first experience of ordering, based in limited information. Glad I tried the 50 first - LBS gave me a refund, then I ordered the 48 later.
    All the gear, but no idea...
  • kentphilkentphil Posts: 479
    I normally ride a 54 frame and got the 51 2013 Caadx. They have a tall head tube and shorter toptube so the sizing is a bit different to normal road frames. It is better to go on the smaller size if your undecided on frame size. Cyclocross bikes do tend to be sized differently to road bikes.
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  • Thanks ever so much for the responses. As you might guessed im trying to calm meself a bit down, really hope my ordered bike is the right size for me.

    Ive studied this geometry chart, 56 vs 58, as for height on 56, ill have about 2-3cm clearence toptube midpoint, 1-2 cm on 58, (shoes included 1 cm)

    But that oughta be within adjustable on the 56, if neede.

    The reach is less than 1 cm apart, and again should be adjustable.

    hmm.. all responses appreciated. :)
  • rgasukrgasuk Posts: 89
    I've have the 2014 ultegra size 58, I'm 183cm with an 86 inseam . I tried a 56 and 58, the 56 I would need a longer stem and I felt cramped 56 just felt small to me and 58 fits like a glove .cough Evans have most sizes in stock if u can get near a shop.compared to the older caadx where I fit on a size 56 super x ...

    Hope this helps more the confuses

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  • @rgasuk

    Thanks for yer respons.

    Im pretty confident i'll go with the 58, as actually was my first ordre.

    The height shouldnt be a problem with the 58, i meen, it wont be to Big, atleast thats my thought, its only 2 cm higher than the 56.

    I tried a top tube lenght today of 53,5, it was to small, i get 56cm with the 56size, and 57,5 cm with the 58, i Think i need that reach, long arms i have. :D
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