MTB or road bike for the Peaks

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I am staying about 10miles west of Buxton in the Peak District at the start of May. Planning to arrive early before meeting the others at the accommodation and getting out on the bike (2-4hr ride). Debate is which one to take to get most out of the trip?

Do I take the Stumpy and get off road or the Allez and stick to the roads?

I am a soft southerner and not used to real hills but have recently ridden on the coast in Cornwall on the Stumpy so know it can handle some steep climbs. The Stumpy is 2x10, whilst the Allez is a standard (non-compact) double 2x10 set up.

If I take the Stumpy, can anyone recommend any routes?


  • njee20
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    If you're not used to much climbing then you may struggle with a standard double on the Allez.

    That said, you can devise a decent road ride with no local knowledge whatsoever, whilst you'd need a route/guide for MTBing. I'd see if you can meet up with some locals on the mountain bike.
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    There is a good route from Buxton that goes around the Goyt, it's about 15miles with some good climbs and not too brutal!
    Let me know if you want more details.