Best silver grade lock?

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Im looking at insuring my new road bike a giant defy 3, but ive came across that it must be secured with a grade 2 security lock...

Any advice on a good safe lock?

Also the bike has quick release wheels so how do you go about that?



  • Schobiedoo
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    The kryptonite D-locks are good (just get the one that meets your standards - not sure what a grade 2 lock is), but as with any decent lock they weigh a ton, so not good to take on your ride.

    As for wheels, just remove the front and then you can get the d lock through the frame and both wheels.
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  • macleod113
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    you can pick up a silver rated Kryptonite lock for £30 and under. i also have a 7 foot cable to go through the wheels as i dont really want to remove wheels to park at work.
    i also have a silver rated Hiplock d lock as a back up as its lighter when i have to take it with me. its only a kilo but was £50.
    i think also you need to register your bike with the lock manufacturer also and they will cover against theft if stolen while using the lock.
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  • zx6man
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    Onguard D-locks you can get from 19.99 on sale. Get good reviews, just bought one ... 009-35645/

    From here , and its gold rated... ... ating.aspx
  • vorsprung
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    kryptonite evolution mini is the best silver rated lock

    as it is a small D lock it is slightly lighter
  • cookeeemonster
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    have a look here - it's updated regularly I think: