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Has anybody used these guys before? German based as far as I can tell but their Campag wheel prices are too good to turn down compared to UK prices!

Any feedback from previous customers?


  • Flâneur
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    Don't know anything too helpful but isn't that who hosts the weight weenies website?
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  • dork_knight
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    They do host Weight Weenies.

    I have used StarBike and they've been pretty good ordering online and with communications over email, they don't have an online personal account area so you can't login to check the status of your orders though.
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  • ugo.santalucia
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    They can be slow if you are used to Wiggle, but they have good prices (budget for 15 quid delivery) and lots of stock that others don't... stock...
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  • Yeah, their price for some Bora Ultra 35's is about £1,000 cheaper than anywhere else so I can put up with a bit of a wait with a saving like that!

    Thanks everyone.