6800 chainset question

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I got a 6800 groupset and had a first ride today. I went for the 36/52 option thinking it was worth a try on the steep climbs around here. I think the 36 is a bit small for me though so I'd like to swap it for a 39 ring for normal use and keep the 36 to swap in for big climbing days with 20%+ stuff.

The problem is that the shimano dealer manual says you can only use 39 with a 53 outer though or there is a risk of the chain getting stuck between rings.

It's not a big change, and when I used 105 5600 on the same bike I ran a 52/39 which was fine. I think it may well be ok but has anyone tried 52/39 on 6800? Surely it can't really cause any problems?




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    It'll almost certainly work, i've got the parts at work and will have a look monday if i remember. Pm me if i don't come back.

    The shifting will probably be a bit whack that's all.
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    Cheers mate. Just had a look at the back of the big ring and it does seem to be sloped from where they expect the smaller ring to be. 2 new rings cost as much as a chainset though so might just have to live with it until the rings need changing. Should have checked first!