dawes karakum for world tour advice please

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I am planning on buying a dawes karakum next week and hitting the road soon enough, i am getting the karakum for 700 GBP, 18 inch frame. I'm about 5,9 and 70kg.

the bike and specs can be seen here - Karakum Gents - Dawes Cycles Touring Tandem and Sportif bikes

the reason i am posting here is i dont too much about the techincalities of bike, i just love to pedal and im tryng to learn as much as i can recently about the specs, i have been doing research but still not up to speed so looking for some help please..

i know its aluminium so harder to weld but i am hoping it wont have to be welded.

i will have it loaded with panniers front and back but not plannin on bringing too much, will the spokes handle it for a year?

i am planning on riding the 24,ooo k in around a year (france to turkey via the danube, cross the pamir highway and on accross china, cyce around a bit of australia and then cross the USA), do you think the bike will last for one year? the gears, brakes, spokes etc??

it has v brakes will the rims become worn down and have tobe replaced at some stage do you think? Am i better off getting disc brakes fitted if this will be the case?

has 27 speed gears, will these be low enough for climbing mountain like the pamir highway?

32mm tyres? these should get too many punctures i dont think should they? i will mostly be on good roads.. i dont want to be plagued with punctures


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    The distinctive thing about the Karakum is the butterfly handlebars, uncommon here in the UK, but fairly common in Europe - should be fairly comfortable, I think. The lowest gear on the Karakum would be good enough for just about any climb. You can't really expect to cycle round the world and avoid punctures, as you will no doubt encounter bad roads and weather. I would purchase tyres with the best puncture protection you can get - Schwalbe Marathons or something like that comes to mind.

    I have read about people who have been round the world on more expensive and robust touring bikes, but still have encountered broken spokes and worse, and needed to find a bike repairer somewhere for spare parts and fixes, which can be difficult if you're in the back of beyond.

    I personally think one of the Dawes Galaxy range bikes would be a more robust bike than the Karakum for a world tour.

    Whatever you get, you will need a lot of preparation, planning and training. Good luck.