Strange goings on in Woking

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Went out for a lunchtime sarnie, counted 12 bikes chained to a railing, one after the other, every one chained with a (thin!) cable lock around top tube and railing. Not secure at all.

Then spotted a mother and child out riding their bikes, riding on the pavement and both getting off to walk the bikes across every side road entrance, which I found slightly bemusing!

Anyway it's now the weekend and I'm going out for a ride :)


  • andrewc3142
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    Woking's a strange town when it comes to cycling. In many ways very cycle friendly, Tour Series comes here and the London 100, etc go through it.

    But in others not. They took a vote a few years back to allow cycling in the centre, mixed use with peds, as a trial. Worked really well and meant no need for kids, shoppers, etc to battle it out with the cars on Victoria Way.

    Then at the end of the trial there was another consultation and on line poll. Majority in favour but some well-organised minority opposition and they ignored the result of all their efforts, voting to ban cycling in the centre. Still hasn't been implemented, mind you, so all a bit unclear.

    Also, they set up a decent series of well-signposted cycle routes on quiet streets that work well. And then rather spoil it with weird cycle lanes that appear and disappear, are too narrow, instruct you to dismount at random points, etc.