Prescription cycling glasses

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I know we've done the insert thing - but I had a search and could not find anything. My wife will not wear contacts. She doesn't want to wear inserts either - what she wants are prescription cycling glasses - clear or with a very light tint.

Anyone got any good recs?

Ta muchly.......


  • rafletcher
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    Ask Vision Express or Specsavers if they will glaze cycling specific glasses, and if so what brands. I'm pretty sure the first do, but cant find the thread (it wasn't on here). And certainly Oakley do prescription lenses (as opposed to inserts), as do Rudy Project. You could try Google too :wink:
  • chazh
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    I got excellent service, and a good pair of prescription glasses, from Optilabs. They were extremely helpful, sent out sample frames to try out and were pretty quick as well.
  • mroli
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    Optilab look pretty comprehensive - but prices start at £170 ish?.... Thanks for the tip - I'll look into them further. Noted re Vision Express/Specsavers - Vision Express certainly seem to glaze glasses....

    I did have a look at Google - but got lost in a sea of options - some being cheap (around £70/80) and some very expensive (£200+).

    I was really hoping that someone had a good personal experience (like chazh) of a decent company.