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Insanity workout programme

Brian BBrian B Posts: 2,071
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So I have completed the 60 day Insanity fitness programme and I have to say it's worked wonders on my upper body. I was pretty lean to begin with but have lost just under a stone but did not diet. I was also cycling my usual quota as well so that would have helped with the weight loss. I look a lot bulkier though and pretty ripped.

What I have noticed though is that my recovery is much better after workouts and cycling. I was doing workouts before a century ride and another workout the day after and I have to say its virtually eliminated the post day fatigue.

I will say though that it was hard(like hardknott pass at the end of the Fred) and more so when trying to fit in my cycling as well.

Its interval based on hard for 3min and 30 sec recovery and although I did lots of intervals on my spin bike in the garage and I was not prepared for how hard these sessions were. I pity the fool who done this workout without any real fitness.

The outset is that I'll keep it up now as it might not make me faster on the bike(perhaps it will though) but a stronger core and faster recovery will help with those long all day summer rides.

I would be interested in anybody else who has done this workout.
Brian B.
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