Cervelo R3 V Bianchi Sempre Pro

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Looking for a new frameset at the moment. Need somehting Light, Stiff (currently on a CR1 and nowehere near stiff enough) and has to look good obviously!

Already have a DA 9000 group and DA C35 to stick onto the new frame. Just trying to decide on what?? a possibility may also be the Giant TCR SL. Looking at a budget of Circe £2k?

whats your thoughts on these options guys?


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    If stiffness is paramount, I doubt that a comfort bike like the R3 is what you're looking for.
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    DiscoBoy wrote:
    If stiffness is paramount, I doubt that a comfort bike like the R3 is what you're looking for.

    It might be of interest that in it's earlier guises, 2008 on, they tried to market it as a comfort bike with the early Paris-Roubaix success, but they would. Also in those early years Sastre won the tour on an R3, they then portrayed it as a climbing bike. An interesting thing is if it was so comfortable, why did they change the seat tube diameter in 2009 to a smaller one for smaller seatposts saying it made it more comfortable? That's because it needed to be more comfortable as it wasn't really. After that change it wasn't that comfortable either, it was 'average to slightly harsh' if anything IMO.

    Anyway, that's only a waffle... as the current R3 only really shares the name.
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    To the OP, what year of CR1 and which specific one are you referring to as not being stiff enough?
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    The TCR Sl would get my money, infact it did.

    This might be worth a look at.

    https://www.giant-bicycles.com/backoffi ... 3FINAL.pdf
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    Its a 2011 CR1 Comp, the flex is pretty serious. Especially went out the saddle.

    Enquired about the Giant yesterday, none available in a L until end of the year at earliest.
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    Not tried an R3 although I thought these were supposed to be stiff, stiffer than the S2? Anyway I have a Sempre Pro and it's a delight, stiff and comfortable. Try and get a test ride but if they're good enough for the pros I would wager it's more than up to your requirements.
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    If you want stiff then Westbrook have a few old Foil framesets on sale.
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