Black Series by Tune RAC 27 Clincher Wheelset

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Hi guys, seen these wheels on wiggle and was wondering if anyone has them or know if they're any good?


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  • DiscoBoy
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    They have only been on hype market for a few weeks, so you'll struggle to find any reviews, I think.
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  • Was hoping Ugo might have an opinion on them?
    Bianchi Via Nirone
    Focus Izalco Pro 2.0
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    I was looking at these too - 10% off now - I think the 17mm internal rim width is a bit wider than the obvious competition at that price. Been out a while now but still can't find much independent comment on them.
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  • Was hoping Ugo might have an opinion on them?

    The price is good, it's whether these "black series" hubs are any good. Tune is one those brand that appeal to some builders and I struggle to understand why. I have never built them, but I had to inspect a few which had mysterious creakings... one (rear) we could never find out why, while the other (front) I found out the alloy flanges (which are detached from the hub body) were not sitting correctly and had to be pressed back onto the main (plastic) body of the hub. The problem was recurrent and we never managed to find a proper solution as within a few hundred miles they were getting displaced again. It's just one of those things... in the attempt to shave and shave material, you go one step too far and make something which is rubbish... that was the MIG hub BTW
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    For me the main problem with tune hubs is the kind of thing ugo has described plus one other. They are light weight hubs for racing really. The distributor who deals with warranty is not one I like to deal with. Maybe others have better luck. Never found them that responsive for one. Expressed interest in buying hubs and never even got a responce, that does not inspire confidence if there is a problem. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • First up I have to say I'm in no way connected to the company Tune, nor do I have 1/100 of the experience of cycleclinic or ugo. In fact I'm a tech-moron. That being said, I've been riding a pare of Tune mig 80 - mag 160's laced to Dt swiss hoops for 5 years without a single problem, 16-17,000 kl.
    Surley if Wiggle is selling them they are also standing behind them, although maybe I'm rong as I've never delt with wiggle. Personally I find them to expensive. But my point is Wiggle is garanteing them, so even if the tune distributer is a t#sser you don't have anything to do with him.
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