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Hybrid/Road for my wife

jizzlebjizzleb Posts: 135
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I know this gets asked a lot but any recommendations would be great.

Wife is doing the Cycle Scheme, has around £500-600 to spend on a bike, flat bars, ideally disc equipped, and can cope with a little off road (gravel tracks etc).

The Cannondale Quick CX 4 2014 looks good although can't find any good write ups on it ( ... e-ec054401)

Also the Boardmans look good at Halfords but that's a last resort to buy anything there, and they don't offer a great range of accessories.

Any recommendations would be great.
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  • PhixionPhixion Posts: 81
    The Boardmans are far better spec for the money.

    Maybe one of the Hybrids or the MX/CX?
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