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Compliant seat posts.

millemanmilleman Posts: 181
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Due to a motorbike accident a few years ago I have a lower back problem and find it becoming increasingly hard to cover the miles now.
My question is has anybody any expedience of such as the Ergon CF2/3 or Canyon VCLS seat posts that provide a degree of compliance to hopefully reduce road vibration?, do they make a difference or is it marketing hype?.



  • Wirral_paulWirral_paul Posts: 2,476
    I've found that a decent carbon post (and carbon railed saddles) make a bit of difference - but not a huge amount. Those VCLS / Ergon posts certainly look like they should provide a bigger difference though - designed like a leaf spring. Whether they are worth the price i couldnt say - but i guess given your injury that anything that helps is good.

    Have you considered changing to bigger tyres / wheels / frame etc??
  • millemanmilleman Posts: 181
    Use a Ti frame, much better than Carbon in my option, even more relaxed frames such as the Specialized Roubaix.

    Currently running 23 section GP4000S tyres but I should try a 25 section when I next change them.

    Might well try one of these posts, not giving up cycling thats for sure!
  • mfinmfin Posts: 6,726
    DON'T go by material on frames as suggested above. Some Carbon bikes can be smoother than Ti vice versa. It is by no means a fact that Ti are smoother comparison.

    Position is everything, you want a position that doesn't result in you rotating the hips for sure. Then a good post and saddle can additionally help with bump absorbtion a bit. IF you find a frame change on the horizon, you might be able to also find something smoother for you of course, it depends what you ride, but it's got to fit!

    If you don't know about bike fit go for one, somewhere trusted, not a local bike shop, to someone that also understands the physiological issues and biomechanics (rather than amateur attempts at it that you get in many local bike shops). Take your bike with you as it is currently set up too.

    If you are 100% sure the fit is already correct, stuff all the above and try out something like a seatpost, you don't have a lot to lose.
  • ai_1ai_1 Posts: 3,060
    You'll almost certainly get more benefit from running big volume compliant tyres at lower pressures than any other modification. Most frames will take 25s and many will take 27/28. I would think something like a 27mm Vittoria Open Pave run at low pressure should give a very smooth ride.
    A seatpost like the VCLS 2.0 is probably worth a shot too but the tyres will be cheaper, well for the first set anyway, and will likely make the biggest difference.
    I'm waiting on a Canyon CF SL fitted with the VCLS 2.0 but probably won't have it for another month so can't give any feedback yet.
  • BryndBrynd Posts: 39
    I can vouch for the Specialized CG-R seat post. The CG-R has genuine vertical compliance to absorb the shocks and it works very well to smooth out those stone chipped roads. I hand the original version 1 Canyon VCLS before which reduced a bit of vibration, but it couldn’t do any more as it had no vertical compliance. Comparing the VCLS to the CG-R is like comparing chalk and cheese. Downside is the CG-R does look odd and is expensive.
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    Canyon VCLS or Syntace P6 Carbon HiFlex seatposts were designed to be more compliant / comfortable. I think Bike Radar 'may' have reviewed them. I'd guess that these would make a noticeable difference. If you can afford them & source them them I'd go for one of these.

    Failing that an ordinary cf post might help a bit. Consider how much post you are showing - this is likely to make a difference too.

    You can buy suspension posts if need be, such as the short travel thud buster and USE used to do them back in the day. Now these are really for hardtails going off road but it may help if its a significant problem ....?

    Also agree with comments about tyre width and correct psi.
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  • How about the Specialized cobble gobbler? ... t-ec043097
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  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    I have a VCLS 1, and it certainly does flex, and therefore will be damping some vibration. It's on a Ti frame with relaxed geometry. The biggest change is when I swap my 28mm Marathon winter tyres to my 28mm Schwalbe Ultremo summer ones, plushness abounds (relatively speaking). I'd go for a high tpi count 28 or 30mm tyre as the most cosseting option like the Challenge Strada Bianca.
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