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I want to increase my fitness /speed as quick as possible (obviously :lol: ), I ride xc/trail really.

I did 12km (climb 450m according to strava) and it took me 1hr20 on saturday - when I used to ride I'd have expected to do 12k in about an hour so I've a fair bit of catching up to do! Some of it is undoubtedly rusty technique - my average speed on the long slog climb was above my average speed overall :oops:

Now that its BST I can try and tailor my riding to start training more- I do 6-8k each way to work a few days a week but can extend that some days on the way home (its almost all downhill on the way almost all uphill on the way back).

My question is to build muscle stamina and power best how often should I ride/ have days off and how often should I do longer rides than the basic commute? I think I heard one day on, one day off before. Is it best to wait for the muscles to recover (i.e not aching) before another longer ride or not?



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    I try at least 2 or 3 rest days a week depending on work commitments, but your times will change as you get fitter. Best I've found is to mix it up: try do a decent long (>30 mile) ride at the weekends, I try at least 50 miles over the 2 weekend days, then rest on Mon. On Tues I'd do a 45 min fast loop or hill climbs, 1 hour cruise on a weds or Thurs, rollers for 50 mins in the evening if the weather is poor or I've not had time to get outside. My average rides are 15 - 20 miles per ride over a week, thats between 60 and 90 miles total in a typical week with at least 2 rest days. Rest days are vital to allow muscles to recover and strength to build up.
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    Thanks very much - that make sense, although I'll have to work up to the longer rides
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    As you get fitter you will need fewer rest days in your schedule. Listen to your body and obey it. Make sure you fuel properly as this will help massively in getting you back to training faster. Active recovery is good too, an easy spin on the bike for 30-40 mins to loosen tight or sore muscles. Pilates or Yoga make you feel great. If you can afford a massage these work wonders.

    I don't think of my training pattern in terms of week days mainly due to working shifts and usually 6 on 4 off. I usually take a full rest day every 4 days. I taper my training to get easier towards my rest days.

    Day 1, 1.5 hr threshold session, day 2 strength training at gym, day 3 long endurance ride, day 4 full rest or yoga/pilates. So Hard/Hard/Easy/Rest.

    Good luck in your training.
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