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What would be the best option

KevChallisKevChallis Posts: 646
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I am curious, in the hint for a new bike, I started thinking, is it worth spending £700 on a bike and get tiagra components, or, is it worth spending £500 on a bike, go with sora (which I had on my last bike) but spend the extra on a different wheel set?

There are numerous wheel sets less than £250, which requires research, I'm just curios about my original question

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  • The difference between Sora and Tiagra is so minimal that it hardly noticeable. They have the same levers but one is 9 speed and the other is 10 speed. This will not make you ride faster or change your life.

    A different wheelset for less than £250 will make your bike look better and this will make you like it more and this will show in the effort you will put in to ride it.

    Go for the wheels!
  • KevChallisKevChallis Posts: 646
    Thanks, surely there is quite a saving in weight too? Most wheels that come with bikes in the sora price range have heavy wheels, weighing almost 2500g, I can get wheels that weigh less than 1500g, surely that makes a difference to speed also?
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  • If you believe they will make a difference to your speed then that is even more of a reason to go with Sora/new wheels.

    To me (a non believer) new wheels look nicer and that is the only reason I would buy them end of story.

    If lighter wheels help you climb then heavier wheels must help you when descending. Not a popular thought I know but an equally justifiable claim as no-one will tell you how much faster you will go with new wheels anyway.

    Buy for bling and you don't have to worry about it.
  • bernithebikerbernithebiker Posts: 4,148
    If lighter wheels help you climb then heavier wheels must help you when descending.

    Lets hope there are no bends on your descent then…..! Alpe d'Huez anyone?
  • macleod113macleod113 Posts: 560
    dont forget to factor in the looks factor too. go for the bike you like the look of most also and if it happens to be the Sora on then wat hey, you can get the wheels too.
    im a big chap and do have some winter wheels which were £150 planet x ones but much prefer the stock bontrager ones that came with my Trek. would you really know the difference on a £250 pair (awaiting the assault :-))
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  • KevChallisKevChallis Posts: 646
    I probably won't, that's why I was asking the question, if there any benefits to it, I have seen the Planet X tiagra bike I like, but also he battaglin s11 at wiggle, if wheels are not a major factor I will ge a garmin or something instead lol
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  • buzzwoldbuzzwold Posts: 197
    Wheels every time. Forget the weight, some wheels will just roll better 'cos of better hubs, bearings. This is the bit that will make you faster. Alternatively, get better rubber on the wheels to reduce the rolling resistance. I put Fulcrum F5's for around £200 on my bike a year ago. It has made a noticeable difference - as a couple of riding buddies pointed out.

    Used Sora for a couple of years. Faultless.
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