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Can't stay with the pack - why?

Kryton57Kryton57 Posts: 95
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Just started racing at Cat 4 - I'm 3 races done. The problem is I can't stay with the pack for more than two laps. I'm mid forties, 15years mtb and 3 road with the last 18 months riding with a good club. I'm fine on the club rides except when there's a high pace on the drags when I can't keep up. I can ride solo 50 to 100ks at 27-31kph no problem. Currently I'm training intervals with TrainerRoad with 3 clear days pre-crit to rest. I'd consider myself fit, 6ft, 12stone but seemingly lacking power in my legs. My last this weekend 3/4 averaged 30 kph, the race itself averaged 36kph for the winners. I'm trying not to be despondent. FTP though is only 2.8 per kg.

What then, is wrong?


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