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Disaster today

antsmithmkantsmithmk Posts: 717
edited March 2014 in Road general
Fitted a chain incorrectly on Thursday, no big deal you would think...

Managed to not thread it through the rear derailleur properly. Out on a ride today and BANG! Sum total of the damage =

Torn jockey wheels,
Smashed rear derailleur
Snapped mech hanger
Chewed rear cable
Bent teeth on the cassette
Snapped links and bent links on the chain

I was planning on stripping the bike down at some point anyway. Looks like a semi build project is in order. Can't believe the damage to to the teeth on the cassettes abd jockey wheels, never thought that was possible!


  • jp1970jp1970 Posts: 134
    Suggest a quick test ride 'around the block' in future ...... With your head down having a listen and look at said fettled part !!!. :)
  • BrandonABrandonA Posts: 553
    I put a chain on last week and I was just about to attach the joining pin when I gave it a once over and discovered I'd made the same mistake as you. Luckily for me mine error was easily rectified at no expense. I've not changed many chains so I always make sure I've got a second bike to hand to double check the setup.

    How far from home were you nd how did you get back?

    Also what groupset do you have? If I caused the damage you described the cost of replacing the DuraAce parts would run into multiple hundreds of pounds - not a expense I'd want to take - might be an excuse though to upgrade to di2 if I've got to replace the rear mech.
  • motogullmotogull Posts: 325
    I cleaned and replaced my chain recently but it sounded rough as anything when back on. Fortunately, bike was due a service, so in she went to be mended. Needed a new chain and cassette. Probably a coincidence.
  • DKayDKay Posts: 1,652
    I made a mistake putting my chain back on during the summer. I didn't thread it through the rear mech cage correctly and it was dragging along the metal tab on the bottom of the cage instead of rotating the lower jockey wheel. I did a 50mile ride with 4000ft. of climbing and couldn't work out why I was blowing out of my censored and my chain was so bloody noisy.
  • Sir VeloSir Velo Posts: 143
    With that much damage I am surprised you managed to work out it was your fitting, sounds awlful. But did you not notice something not quite right in the first couple of pedal strokes or did you to 'test the new chain' by zipping through the gears with the bike still on the work stand?
  • I haven't done that, but on a similar vein after cleaning and refitting the chain, there was a noticeable click and jump as I pedalled. On VERY close inspection when I got home I noticed that one of the small rollers between the links where I'd parted the chain had dropped off as I cleaned it. I found it still in the cleaning fluid..!!
    I'm not getting old... I'm just using lower gears......
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