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mattgallaghermattgallagher Posts: 5
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hi all i have this bike. ... ifications.

i want to upgrade to ultegra 6700 with a double crank.

My questions are.
1. will i need a neww BB? or an adapter or will the cranks just slot in?
2. what rear mech will i need? as in cage length? i know from my mtb experience that when i did a similar sort of thing on my trail bike the med cage mech was at the limit to reach the big cog on the cassette.
3. looks like i will be going compact so what range cassette is advised? 11 to 23, 12 to 24 etc?

thanks in advance



  • Jon_1976Jon_1976 Posts: 690
    1. Chainset should be a straight swap (no need for a new BB)
    2.IIRC, Shimano say the 6700 short cage rear maxes out at 28. I have no experience with bigger sizes.
    3. Depends on the terrain and how strong/fit you are. 12-28 would be a good start imo.
  • hi
    good news on the chainset
    mech ill look into that more before committing and french roads just near Geneva in the monts Jura region and not very yet so 12 to 28 sounds good to me.

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