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Q Where can l buy single speed road bike wheels?

f_rederikf_rederik Posts: 53
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Hi all

Looking to buy a rear wheel for my single speed road bike (Kona Paddy Wagon).

Seems Wiggle stock some 'Halo' wheels, and Chain Reaction and Evans don't really have any.

I need to find a shop that will post outside of the EU with UK VAT removed (so that I don't have to pay both UK and national VAT in Norway).

Any ideas?

Or - if I was to buy an ordinary road wheel, what modifications would I need to make to it for it to work on my single speed frame?

Surely I must have misunderstood something, there are loads of single speed bikes out there and it must be possible to find some wheels???

Thanks for any advise!



  • sebo900sebo900 Posts: 14
    You can easily convert a freehub wheel to a single speed there is loads of conversion kits available not sure on the dropout spacing of a paddy wagon however as road wheels are a bit wider then dedicated single speed wheels
  • f_rederikf_rederik Posts: 53
    So if I got a 'normal' rear wheel, I'd need to cut off the axle since there will be extra space between the freewheel and the frame?

    is this what 'dishers are for?
  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    You could swap out the axle from your old wheel? There's plenty of choice on the 'bay but its hard to know what you're getting for your money. One of the resident wheel builders will be along in a moment to offer their services, this strikes me as a very good idea to get just what you want.
  • lancewlancew Posts: 680
    What kind of money are you looking at?

    Fixed wheel frenzie stocks No-Logo/No Lobi wheelsets. These use a flip-flop system, so are fixed one side and freehub on the other. These are around £80-100 and come in all sorts of crazy colours.

    Planet X have some track wheels that have brake surface like these below. ... eels-(pair)

    What you're basically looking for though is "Track wheels".

    Once you have the wheels though, you'll need to get a "BMX style freehub" to put onto these.
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  • f_rederikf_rederik Posts: 53
    Thanks Lancew that'a useful :)

    I've got plenty of freehubs laying about so that's not a problem. I've been riding this bike for some 6000 kilometers so havent had to think about new wheels until now and... I am just finding it hard to believe that none of the big websites offer these wheels and some of the specialised shops like or charge about GBP40 in postage so making it really expensive :(

    Oh and in terms of budget I'm hoping that say about GBP200 would get me a decent pair..
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 20,611
    v-sprint wheels (Jess Varnish's dad)
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