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tyre looks like it's about to go pop

leedsmjhleedsmjh Posts: 196
edited March 2014 in Road general

Glad I spotted this before heading out this morning, there's another lesser bulge elsewhere on the same tyre which is a durano s. Anyone else had this problem? I've never inflated it beyond 100 psi and it's not that old. Think it's back to the vredestein tricomps for me.


  • bowdy1987bowdy1987 Posts: 96
    I had exactly the same problem with this tyre, shame really as they are a nice ride.

    I changed them for some Michelin pro 4 endurance. A lot better
  • briantrumpetbriantrumpet Posts: 12,472
    In comparison with a tyre I've got rather a lot of use out of:


    Bontrager Racelite Hardcase. Not a silky smooth ride, but they do seem to be fairly resilient to cuts, as they don't rely on the rubber to keep their shape.
  • mallorcajeffmallorcajeff Posts: 1,489
    Had the same with two luganos within a week of being on the bike. Binned them and then had pro race 4s which failed within a month side walls split so went back to gp4000,s
  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,694
    Recently had something very similar on a Vittoria Zaffiro on the back. Stopped a planned long ride very short but way better than going half way round. Felt it getting bumpier as the ride went on and it punctured just as I was about to pull in to investigate. When I checked the front it had the start of one as well. I think the Surrey roads have for the better of them, with a broken spoke recently as well.
  • gazman428gazman428 Posts: 111
    I did the same on a conti tub rear. It grew a nipple then the rubber came off and pop.
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