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Bikeradar Recommends - For anyone outside of the UK??

RebemRebem Posts: 3
The last two times I've tried to use Bikeradar Recommends Probikekit codes, they've only been valid for UK readers. I figure this is the case because changing the delivery country to UK allows the codes to be used. For example, the current chain & cassette offer.

I love that you're offering discounts but how about working with your partner companies to acknowledge that there are bike riders and an Internet outside the UK?


  • Hi Rebem, thanks for your comments on our BikeRadar Recommends promotions. It's a timely comment as we've recently been looking into providing US voucher codes alongside the UK ones. Unfortunately, many of the retailers we work with at the moment on the promotions operate out of the UK only, however, we do work with a couple who have US operations too (such as Probikekit) so we hope to be bringing you some localised US-based deals very soon! In the meantime we'll try and ensure that each deal shows clearly which country it's for use in and thanks a lot for your patience.
  • RebemRebem Posts: 3
    Thanks, and please look after us in Australia too. We're not all US and UK readers!

    Probikekit responded to me and said they had supplied both UK and international codes.
  • Not for this one they didn't but we'll do our best to make sure the next Probikekit one has international codes as well as the UK ones :)
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