high bottom bracket bikes.

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Im not going to go into much detail because it seems to change the answers I get in other forums.

I plan to build a fixed gear. I do not want to buy a complete one even if it is better bang for the buck.
I want to build it on an older road bike frame, and I plan to buy through craigslist.
Id like the bike frame to have a high bottom bracket and plenty of toe clearance from the front wheel.
I was told to look for "track geometry" bikes but searching this just gets me list of new production bikes.

Could anyone name some bikes that meet my criteria of: higher than average bottom bracket, front wheel/toe clearance, common enough to find on craigslist, and older or cheaper without being low quality.

Optional: horizontal dropouts


  • i'd think most cx frames should have plenty of clearance...
  • Monty Dog
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    Track frames do have higher BBs but steep headtube angle and short fork offset mean front wheel overlap is inevitable - won't be cheap either. Suggest you look for a On One Pompino - plenty around and cheap as chips.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Pompino suffers from toe overlap on the two smaller sizes ( I ride a medium and have a little overlap). Rarely an issue even in low speed traffic in practice though.

    Other than that, an excellent workhorse of a frame that really is great value for money.
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    Do you get On-One in the USA? I thought it was one of Planet X's brands...

    Guessing the user is 'Murican due to the Craigslist reference.