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SRAM X4 b-tension plastic insert??

shefbikershefbiker Posts: 255
edited March 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
My son's bike has an x4 rear mech and it's been playing up. I've just noticed that the b-tension screw is tensioned through a plastic(??!!) threaded insert/bushing that sits within the mech body. Every other bike I own this is threaded directly thorough the metal body, and i've never had an issue, but anyway, this one's plastic...
The bushing has stripped, and hence the mech is way too close to the cassette and shifting is dire.
Has anyone has this issue?
Is there a fix?
Can you replace the insert?
Hopefully it's not a case of binning the mech - as that would be a great waste.

Any advice?

Thank you


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