Garmin 500/800

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Looking at both the 500/800 and whether one is worth £60 over the other? I can get the 500 for £115, or £165 with the hr and cadence. Or can get the 800 for £175 refurbished like new, but with no hr or cadence. Opinions on both please. Doing general riding at the moment with a club, but hoping to get into racing soon.


  • Tiberius007
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    Just bought (last week anyway) the 800 performance (HR/candence included) on Amazon for £234 Brand new as well.

    No maps but they can be added.

    So far I think its great. And will improve my training this year.
  • focuz
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    Cheers for that, ill check it out:)
  • Bobbinogs
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    Point is, do you want route guiding or not. If yes, 800, if not 500. Simple as that.
  • iron-clover
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    It really depends if you want decent route guidance or not. I got the 500 as it is cheaper, lighter and does what I want it to do- simple and clear display, oodles of training options and very rudimentary route guidance if you know what you're doing (and have half an idea of where you're going!)

    The 800 can do all of the above with a slightly less clear display in bright daylight and slightly shorter battery, but you can also have full navigation that you can properly 'get lost' with. If given the choice again, I'd get the 800 with UK OS maps installed, and buy the HR strap separately as/ when I wanted it. IMO the cadence sensor is a bit of a gimmick and proved more hassle than was worth...
  • I have the 800 bundle from amazon. Love it. I have used it in half a dozen countries with free maps downloaded from the internet.

    When I ride I focus on heart rate and cadence (which I am working hard to increase). Both the strap and the cadence sensor have performed faultlessly since day one. I have a second cadence sensor on my other bike and the unit seamlessly swaps from one to the other.

    Very easy to use, unlike the 810.
  • ovi
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    I'm liking the big display of the 800 and its quite useful when you ride off familiar routes and get lost and if you have no sense of direction and bad memory like me.