Poor sales service?

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A cycling buddy came over with his bike the other day wanting me to help him set it up for him. He's been out on rides with us and was struggling with shoulder pain not long in to rides. I knew his bike was a Halford's Carrera and had heard of people's experiences with Halfords so was interested to get a look at how bad it all was. The guy is a shortie the same as me so typically needs a frame with a relative top tube of around 52cm. I measured his Carrera and it's a 56cm relative top tube with a 130mm stem! No wonder his shoulders are aching. I'm surprised he's not riding the thing prone. I asked him whether the sales guy sorted the size for him and was told he didn't. It seems to me the rumours of poor sales service from Halfords is completely justified. Surely you'd ask what frame size somebody wants and if they don't know, do a basic fitting assessment? Now the poor bloke is stuck with a bike that is way too big and set up as a best compromise for reach and leg length. He's got a 100 mile plus sportive coming up and I think he's going to suffer.
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    This subject popped up a while back and a fair amount of folk thought that it was down to the customer, personally I think that the shop has a duty to give you a basic fit and advise you on the correct size bike.
    If you don't take that advice and think that the bike is too big or too small and insist on a different size then that's your choice, but you'll have no comeback.
    If the shop sell you a bike that is the wrong size you should have some comeback.
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    I agree. Unfortunately for this guy, he's had the bike for 3 months now so is unlikely to secure a refund or exchange with Halfords.
    I ride a bike. Doesn't make me green or a tree hugger. I drive a car too.