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hi all just got a pair of shimano r540 light action pedals i am fitting the cleats to a cheap pair of muddy fox shoes on the sole of the shoe there are no line up marks so when fitting the cleat is it a case of trying to see what is the best positon will get soon better shoes soon can anyon also recomend a good shoe for these pedals many thanks darren


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    Prob some of the cheaper Specialized shoes would be a good upgrade or the Bont Riots at £100 seem good value.
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    Also if you are looking for info the term is clipless pedals just to confuse you. It comes from the fact there isn't a socking great old-school toe clip over the front of your shoe.
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    What.. ^
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    I've not tried out the riots but did try them on in a shop. They felt really good and supportive, seemingly well made and they're mouldable. I've had the vaypors and they didn't seem that different in quality or stiffness but obviously didn't get a chance to try them on a bike. They have a roomy toe box though. They felt almost as wide as my Vaypor wides. At £100 they would definitely be my choice.