New Handlebar Grips Time - Flats

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Afternoon all.

I am in the need for some new grips. I currently have ESI Extra chunky and have had in the past Bontrager Race X Lite.

Obviously I am looking for the best anti vibration grips I can get to take the road buzz out.

Does any one have any good tried and tested solutions/recommendations?

Thanks in advance.


  • veronese68
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    I think foam ones are good for road buzz. I used to get tingling fingers and changed to some Specialized ones with the support that sticks out the back. Worked for me.
  • ddraver
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    Yeah, i'd go foam if road buzz is your thing. there are loc on ones availabel now which will stop most of the disadvantages

    Alternatives would be the ODI grips or ergon ones
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  • Initialised
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    I've used the Specialized BG and Ergon Grips, both are good but even drop bars don't eliminate numb hands for me.
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  • WindyG
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    Ritchey WCS foam grips, cheap, last ages and very light.
  • Levi_501
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    Funny enough, I ordered some Ritchey foams this afternoon.

    Now just need recommendations on which hair spray, extra hold or wind swept :mrgreen:

    Thanks guys
  • The Rookie
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    Neither, ideally a rubber component assembly emulsion, failing that liquid soap, when it dries it goes gooey and sticky, then add water to release.

    I like the KCNC foam or Avenir equivalent.
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  • WindyG
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    As above liquid soap, I actually used a car shampoo and it has worked perfectly they never move even when wet though from rain.
  • jonnyboy77
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    I didn't need to use anything when I fitted the Ritchey WCS foam grips, however when I removed them to swap brake levers I managed to turn one inside out and that seems to be terminal.

    Since then I switched to lock on grips, and they are just as comfortable and way easier to take on and off. There are some foam lock ons around too.

    - Jon
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