Greenwich foot tunnel.

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Whilst waiting to qualify for the bike to work scheme I'm walking through the Greenwich foot tunnel every day as part of my commute.

I now completely understand why some people think cyclists are self obsessed arses.

From my observations only about 5% actually walk through the tunnel, the rest either cycle or scoot their bikes. I don't think any of them are aware of just how fast they seem to walkers and how frightening they can be. And when they then demand that the walkers get out of their way they don't seem to realise how close I get to physically confronting them.

So if you do use the foot tunnel and cycle please just cut it out.

When I start cycling to work that's a golden rule I've just learned for myself.
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    I'm through there quite often these days, my office is north of the river and all the lovely pubs are in Greenwich. :roll:

    I walk if i'm a ped and i 'scoot' if i'm with my bike. It's all about being courteous, you're alwyas going to get some chopper riding too fast but the majority just take advantage of gravity at either end and roll down. I can't remember ever witnessing a rider shouting at people to get out of the way, if i did then a prompt slap would indeed be appropriate.

    I think everyone can share that tunnel if we police out the bad behavior ourselves. Never used to be a problem when the lifts were attended, the operator wouldn't let you in if he caught you riding. :lol:

    Part of it is practical, walking in roadie shoes on smooth stone slabs is not very safe. :?

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    The important question is who has the KOM?
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    jds_1981 wrote:
    The important question is who has the KOM?

    No GPS underground you doughnut.
    What do you mean you think 64cm is a big frame?
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    It'll lock on before and after though :)
    Disappointed as I looked and no-one has made one
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  • I bet the person who created this segment was pretty pleased with themselves:
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    threespeed wrote:
    I bet the person who created this segment was pretty pleased with themselves:

    Ha well made me laugh clearly a silly KOM but most are.