Cleaning brake pads and rims

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What's the best way to clean brake pads and the braking surfaces on the rim?

For the rim, I've seen some rim blocks which look like a block of sandpaper, that will clean anything off your rim to ensure you have a great braking surface - are these any good?


  • ugo.santalucia
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    Just clean them... in the same way you would clean anything else... don't use solvents, spirits oils or anything stupid... wash up liquid is perfect
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    I'd say car shampoo - washing up liquid contains a lot of salt to "soften" water, and also quite a bit of alcohol, which is why it goes all gooey around the spout.
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    I use a kitchen washing up brush with some fenwicks to really give the rims a good scrub, nail brush is also good.

    For brake blocks, I remove them from the bike from time to time (when they start to get noisy - preferably just before) and use a sharp stanley blade to pick out the alloy shards that will certainly be in there assuming you're not talking about carbon rims. I also use a sanding block on the blocks to help reveal where the alloy shards are, once you rub the pad, they shine bright making it easy to pick them out.
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    PS - This is why I'm looking forward to a disk equipped road bike.