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gator skin tyres

crematorcremator Posts: 99
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ok so fitted some new 700x28 tyre to my bike today to replace the 700x35 tyres why are gator skins so hard to fit anyone no please.its just that i am new here


  • Tiltzey BoyTiltzey Boy Posts: 120
    Hi mate.

    They're a doddle to fit, especially after watching this video on Youtube:

    Good luck!!
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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,482
    Never really had a problem putting mine on.
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  • crematorcremator Posts: 99
    hi thanks for replys is it becacause i have gone from 700x35 to 700x28 thanks for the link it seemed to be the last bit of the tyre it took two of us to get it on to the rim
  • gbsahne001gbsahne001 Posts: 1,973
    sounds like, you've not kept the tyre in the well of the rim. If you do this it's much easier....two of you to get a tyre on is risking puncturing the tube and or damaging the rim.
  • e999same999sam Posts: 426
    It depends on the rims as well. I've used Gatorskins with Mavix CXP33's with no problems but I've found them to be a nightmare with Campag Neutron's.As has been said before make sure the bead of the tyre is right in the well of the rim.
  • sigorman85sigorman85 Posts: 2,536
    Use washing up liquid
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  • Theres a lot of bravado on here because ive fitted dozens of new Gatorskins and they are one of the harder tyres to get on. Dont use washing up liquid, its not good having that stuff where traction and braking is involved! In the center of the rim where the rim tape is you'll notice that there is a channel, make sure the tyre bead is in the center so it sits in the channel and youll find the extra space will help.
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