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Before...(updated) and a nearly "after"

Cave_DwellerCave_Dweller Posts: 114
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Got my new frame the other day to replace my stolen 24 Le Toy 3. Not bad for £20 including Hope headset, bb and cranks :D I've had one of these Dr Jekyll's before and I liked the way they rode. Can't wait to get it all built up. I have a week to strip it down and paint, as well as wait for my other parts to arrive in the post and put it all together before I go on holiday. I'm just painting it white for now but when I get home after my holiday I'll take it to work and give it a proper paint job along with the forks.
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    £20? Result!

    What's going on her?
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  • I know, I paid £250 for mine back in 2006 lol. Just fitting basic stuff I took off my Ransom I just sold until I decide what I want to put on it permanently, there's other stuff needing to kill my wallet first. All Shimano running gear and brakes. Forks I'm not 100% sure. My mate who I'm going to see on holiday has a good selection of forks, I'll just buy some from him. I did have a decent set of 2003 Marzocchi DJ2's with 130mm travel and 20mm axle but they got stolen with my Le toy frame. the parts I ordered are just stuff that wouldn't fit this bike like seat tube, clamps etc.

    Don't know what I'm going to do for paint when I get back. I might do some sort of subtle pearl because it might look quite nice on the rounded tubes. That or either anthracite with metal flake. I know it would get knackered anfter a few runs but I like painting so it doesn't bother me lol
  • gt-arrowheadgt-arrowhead Posts: 2,507
    That is a gorgeous frame. £20 + the rest of the stuff?! Thats an absolute steal.
  • Well I was a bit unlucky with the Hope headset today. I fitted some forks to it today only to find out that the bearings are knackered, but still I can't complain for £20. It's £250 new IF anyone still sells it.

    I got it all sanded down and in primer today so it's ready to sneak into work tomorrow and give it a good coat of white.

    My mate who I was meant to be seeing on holiday told me that he won't be there. I was going to buy forks from him but I can't now. I looked on freeads and found some Suntour Epicons dirt cheap at £30 so I picked them up. They will do for now till I get some new wheels built up with 20mm axle, then I'll look for a tougher fork.

    Waiting on a few bits in the post then I can start building it up. Can't wait till my new dropouts come for it so I can at least put some wheels on it.
  • Matt-r8Matt-r8 Posts: 298
    i've got a blue 1 1/8" headset. Only a couple of rides old and in excellent condition. Posted £40 if you want it.
    All the best with the build.
  • Ordered a red one this morning so it made today's post. Thanks anyway.
  • Matt-r8Matt-r8 Posts: 298
  • Painted the frame at work today in white base coat and lacquer after a good coat of high build primer and a rub down. Got some parts in the post as well. Front IS to post mount adaptor, new adjustable drop outs and a chain. Still waiting on headset, seat clamp, seat post and saddle.

    Nearly there though and once I receive and fit everything I will start tinkering around getting it sorted. Everything is fitting and working fine but need to shorten my brake hoses.

    Most of the stuff I have fitted is temporary. Although I'm quite pleased with the Epicon forks at £30 I don't know if I would trust them for anything too hard. I'm looking at getting some 24" wheels built up and new forks later on in the year. Everything else I will just replace as they break :twisted: I did fancy buying another set of Hope brakes like on my other bikes but the Shimano's do a pretty good job and sharp as a tack.


  • senicksenick Posts: 1
    Hi Cave-dweller
    Sorry to hear about your le toy 3, your new ride looks good though, maybe a bit late then ,but Ive got a silver le toy 3 frame fitted with dmr b/b cups, cockring seatclamp etc. Had it since 2005, needs painting really and happy to sell it !
    Message me or best email nickjkemp at hotmail dot com for pics if you fancy a look.
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