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Fantastic Service from Hope

edited March 2014 in Commuting general
Just had to put this out into the public domain as I am so impressed and it maybe useful for anyone to know if they are weighing up buying Hope v's anyone else

After what must be at least 10years solid use, my Hope Vision light started being a bit temperamental...narrowed it down to dodgy cable. Tried taking it apart to fix it, but a bit beyond my capabilities. Dropped Hope an email to see what they could do to help. They emailed straight back and said to send it in. I posted it on Thursday for next day it back on the Monday!! That's same day turnaround! (or they work weekends).

They had replaced leads in both the battery and the lamp, works a treat...AND NO CHARGE!...not even for carriage

That's what I call service and why I will be buying Hope again!



  • asprillaasprilla Posts: 8,440
    They did the same for me when I snapped the button on my District+.

    They may be expensive but they are there when you need them and I'm more than happy to pay for that kind of service.
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