Six cyclist hit in Sydney, Aus

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How on earth does a motorist not see six cyclist riding in a bunch...?? ... 34usd.html


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    That's terrible, but why would anyone on a bike want to ride down a three lane motorway unless the road was closed or you had an escort vehicle?!
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    It is a dangerous road. You'd never catch me on it but heaps of cyclist use it. You'd normally feel safe in a group of six too!
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    ‘‘This was an accident waiting to happen,’’ club director Frank Conceicao told Fairfax Media.

    ‘‘We’ve been telling the government for ages that this stretch of road needs bike lanes, but we’ve continually been ignored. It’ll take someone being killed before they do anything about it.’’

    you have to ask yourself why they still went down that road in that case? - a site for sore eyes
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    Same reason people time trial on the A1 and A11. Whatever that is. Sends a shiver down my spine when I see them; they must have inordinate faith in the ability of the drivers coming up behind them. Occasionally and with serious consequences that faith proves to be misplaced.

    Thoughts go out to the injured cyclists.
  • I cycle in Oz for 5-6 weeks each year. To get out of the urban area that I stay in requires a short stint on a fast, three lane road. From what I've seen it's quite common and not always possible to route around.

    Thoughts go out to the injured and heal well all of you.
  • I lived n worked in Sydney for a cpl of years and contemplated the commute from the Hills District to work in the CBD. No matter home much I tried to plot a decent route, self preservation filter kicked in and voided any attempt. I'm well aware of that road and it's perils.