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Froome's low race miles

specialgueststarspecialgueststar Posts: 3,417
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900km so far

Betancur 3477.7 km


  • andypandyp Posts: 9,105
    I'm confused, the title says race miles, the content is in kilometres.

    What do we conclude from the distances races so far though, that Betancur is a better bet to win the Tour? Or is it essentially meaningless?

    I know which I'd go for.
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    Removal of TA was a chunk (although he still managed to ride some big hills while he was supposedly recovering from a back injury). He has said he will be doing a lot less this year anyway. He has a sponsor where it doesnt really matter what he does all year as long as he performs in the Tour so he can have the luxury of not competing.
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  • Gizmo_Gizmo_ Posts: 558
    How many kms/miles had Horner done before last year's Vuelta?
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  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642

    TA and Tour of Utah.
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