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Caliper Help/Advice Please

andy9964andy9964 Posts: 930
edited April 2014 in Road buying advice
So, I bought a pair of these 105-5700 callipers, to replace my std fitment (and rather weedy) Promax items - Cannondale Synapse Sora 2013 model, this one but with the Promax callipers - ... 9#features

And the callipers I bought ... -calipers/

However, on fitting the front caliper, the pad is almost touching the tyre, with no further room for lowering it.
Being the thinner end of the pad, I fear it will rub on the tyre as it wears down.
It looks like another 5mm of drop would have the pad sitting nicely centred on the rim.

So, the question is, are there any other callipers I should look at?
Not sure what the drop is on mine, or where to measure it, so any advice would be greatly appreciated



  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    Looks like you need "long reach" or "deep drop" brakes. Like these.. ... e-caliper/

    Drop/Reach is measured from the centre of the brake fixing bolt to the centre of the pad at it's lowest point.
  • andy9964andy9964 Posts: 930
    Cheers for that.
    Funnily enough, I'd just googled how to measure, and eventually ended up on the same page as your link.
    The 105 parts are only 49mm, should've measured first
    Now to get the 105's sent back
  • mikeneticmikenetic Posts: 486
    Tektro R539 are a good long-drop option.

    There's more space underneath the arms than Shimano (which have an asymmetric design) and they come in gloss black or shiny silver. They also work very well.
  • Hi Andy, did you change to the R650's in the end?
    If so, how are they?

    Have gotten used to my Promax a little bit, trying to decide whether to just get some pads and the cartridges and try them first of all, or just be done with it and change the calipers...
  • SalsaSalsa Posts: 753
    I run an R650 as the front brake on my single speed, great brake with loads of power and worth the money. Using a cheapo rear brake with it though as it's rarely used.
  • andy9964andy9964 Posts: 930
    Picked them up and fitted on Sunday. (R650's)
    First impressions are much better than the Promax, more stopping power.
    Not too impressed with stopping in the wet though, it takes a good few seconds to clear the water from the rims before braking is as good as in the dry.But they might need a little scrubbing in yet. I'll give them a week or so to see if that improves before trying some different pads
    Overall, I'm glad I made the swap
  • I've little intention of riding the Synapse in the wet, understand certain brake blocks are better for that if you do though.
    On the basis you're saying they're much better... may well just change them soon!
  • Bit the bullet and bought some.few fun and games getting them on, specifically, the ferrule at the end of the cable outer not fitting into the new caliper. Did you have same issues? Not tried hard to pull them off yet, shall have another look tomorrow, but they seemed fairly tightly attached to the outer..
  • antsmithmkantsmithmk Posts: 717
    Give it a good yank. And the ferrule too.
  • andy9964andy9964 Posts: 930
    I just cut mine off, must get round to getting some new ones to tidy it up.
    Might need to shorten the cable outer sheath too, looks like it isn't quite sitting properly in the top of the caliper.
    I also found that I had to use the old retaining bolt on the front fork mounting, as the supplied item didn't reach.
  • Yep I had to use the old bolt, that's all OK.
    The outer with it's ferrule don't fit into the caliper, from what I've read- the new Shimanos don't need any end on the outer, the outer goes into the caliper on its own.
    Guess I'll have another try to get it off, if not, snip it off- just don't want to shorten the outer too much if possible. Certainly don't want to have to strip off all the bar tape to replace the outer!
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