Re-routing on Garmin Edge touring

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I have bought a Garmin edge touring (like the 800 without all the heart rate monitors etc)

I created a course on Garmin connect and transferred to the device.

At one point I accidentally went off the planned route and went down the wrong hill but joined up with the course at the bottom.

The garmin kep telling me to do a u-turn for 10 mins so I had to stop the ride and start a new one (breaking the ride into 2). is there any way to get the garmin to just accept I have temporarily gone off course and once I am back on, just allow me to continue on the rest of the course rather than make me go back and do it precisely? very annoying

Have looked in the manual but not that helpful

Grateful for any advice


  • feisty
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    Although this is for the 800 rather than the edge ( I think I have found two setting si had worong. I had lock on roads on (recommendation is off) and recalculate on (recommendation is off).

    Not sure if they will solve my problem or not though
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    The trouble with recalculate on is that it may recalculate the whole route. If you are doing a big loop i found it kept trying to take the shortest route to the finish. I ride with off course warnings on and recalculate off. If I go off route I can either retrace immediately as it tells you you are off course within about 100m of a junction or look at the map to see if I can rejoin the route I want easily further on..
  • feisty
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    I actually wonder of the issue is that I transferred a course to the device and it doesn't let you ,move off.

    Maybe I should instead save a bunch of locations and that way it might recalculate if I go off but not ask me to do u-turns
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    I think Garmins are just crap at recalculating things. I've always found that if you dare to deviate from a planned course, you might as well give up on it ever sorting itself out. On one memorable occasion my 705 didn't even let me get to the end of my street before it decided I was going the wrong way... cue 10 minutes of prompts to make u-turns before I got sick of it. I don't even bother using the route planning any more, I just try to memorise it and if needed stop and check on my phone.
  • AlanW
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    The first thing to do is to load OSM maps onto the SD card, then disable the OE cycle mapping! Then set the recalculation option to "prompted" rather than "automatically".

    As and when you do go of course, you will then get the option to recalculate or not, select the x. The orignal route will still be shown and the cursor will show where you are in relation to the original route. So either turn around and head back, or use some common sense and the mapping detail in front of you to pick the track back up again

    For what ever reason the GET likes suggesting that you do U turn at every opportunity, heaven knows why? And the OE cycle mapping will always try and take you on cycle tracks/lanes or even alleyways (!) hence the reason why utilizing OSM mapping is much better IMHO

    Saving specific locations along your route is always the safest bet, but is not always as easy to do.
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