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Garmin 500

bikeit65bikeit65 Posts: 982
edited March 2014 in Road buying advice
looking to upgrade from the Garmin 200 to the 500, but before i buy the 500 can the screen be personalised to have current speed, time of day, avg speed, max speed,?
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  • zardozzardoz Posts: 251
    Yes it can. Why not download the manual from the garmin website.
  • SproolSprool Posts: 1,022
    I upgraded recently from the 200 to 500 - bags more features and versatility, cadence and heart rate, option to sync with power meters too, 5 customisable screens that have you stewing about which of the huge range of data you want displayed on each one - the ability to program in training sessions based on time, speed, distance, cadence, heart rate, when you follow a route theres another 2 screens that appear, its got a big wedge of features and is a huge improvement on the 200. Do it.
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